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What is Lithotripsy?
Lithotripsy, from its original Latin, means to crush or pulverize stones. Research conducted during the 1970’s showed that shockwaves generated outside the body could pulverize stones inside the body, and in 1983 the FDA approved the first Lithotripter.

Extra corporeal (outside the body) Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) has since become the standard non-invasive practice for breaking up kidney and urethral stones.
How can NextMed help?
Nextmed partnered physicians work with NextMed technologists to perform your kidney stone treatment. Our innovative treatment protocols and technologies help to reduce complications post treatment giving patients the best possible outcomes and recovery.
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What are my Treatment Options?
When exploring kidney stone treatment options with your physician it is important to ask what treatments are available and least invasive. NextMed physicians offer the following variety of treatments:
ESWL (Least Invasive)
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