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We deliver reliable and effective care that urologists demand while capturing the data points that matter most.
NexMed kidney stone treatment with physician, patient, and technologist around lithotripter.

Facilities and Physicians Choose NextMed

For more than a decade, NextMed has been a true partner in the lithotripsy business.  State of the art equipment, knowledgeable and helpful techs, and superior outcomes... Best business decision I ever made!
Rob Emery, MD, FACS
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We are proud to have worked alongside facilities and physicians for 24 years setting industry standards in the USA.

Why Facilities Choose NextMed

NextMed is the most advanced, data-driven lithotripsy service on the market and we have invested tens of millions of dollars to create the optimal tools and protocols to drive the best outcomes in the industry. We are the only lithotripsy provider to earn the highest level of HFAP accreditation. We hold ourselves to the highest standards through rigorous training and technological advancements to ensure the best possible outcomes for physicians and patients.

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Highest Physician Satisfaction

With efficacy rates 10-30% higher than published literature, NextMed provides the best outcomes for patients and physicians. We provide the most advanced, data driven lithotripsy service on the market and work with the most satisfied physicians.

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Lowest Re-Treatment Rates

NextMed technologists have the lowest re-treatment rates in the industry due to our dynamic quality improvement models. We are always improving our treatment protocols to ensure success. Don't believe us? Check out our outcomes.

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Most Innovative Technologies

We pride ourselves on setting the bar high for our industry by utilizing the best technologies available and inventing new ones. Our ever improving superior technology and treatment protocols give patients safer and more effective care.

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