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In Office Treatment with NextWave

Kidney stone treatment in the convenience of your urologist's office now available.

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The Best Patient Care. Proven.

We are proud to provide the best treatment experience and outcomes for our patients with the data to prove it.

Our Outcomes

The Future of Kidney Stone Treatments

We are the only Mobile Lithotripsy service provider utilizing AI to improve our processes and outcomes

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NextMed physicians produce the best outcomes for patients.

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Superior Care. Proven Outcomes.

Learn how we utilize advanced technology, data-driven research, and Intelligent Computing to ensure the highest success rates for our physicians and patients.

What KIDNEY STONE treatment is right for me?

Our revolutionary Stone Decision Engine determines the best treatment options and chances of success based on your specific stone qualities. Don't accept "One-Size-Fits-All" treatment. Try the SDE today.

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The NextMed Patient Experience
We provide the best kidney stone care to patients with over a 99% success rate achieved by continuously improving our treatment protocols.
- Reliable Results
- Smarter Treatment You Can Trust
- Solutions That Don't Break the Bank
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NextMed for Healthcare Providers
Accredited by HFAP, NextMed provides the most innovative and reliable service in the industry to nearly 400 physicians nationwide.
- Data-Driven Treatments
- Increased Success Rates
- Best Service and Technology

The Nextmed Mission

To revolutionize healthcare by providing unsurpassed urological services through innovation and education with measured results.



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