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We know the pain that kidney stones can bring, so we are here to make your treatment experience as painless as possible. We don't just show you what treatment options are available, we also connect you with a physician who can help. At NextMed, we partner with physicians to provide you valuable support and information during your kidney stone treatment process. Our Technologists will help provide treatment alongside your physician and our Patient Advocates are here to help you recover.

Looking for answers and guidance? Here is everything you need to know about Kidney Stones and how NextMed can help.

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The NextMed Patient Experience

Patient-Focused Care

We at NextMed care deeply about each patient's treatment recovery. We aim to reduce patient pain post treatment through innovative treatment protocols and a high quality improvement team.

Proven Success Rates and Better Outcomes

NextMed Technologists have the highest level of expertise in the industry and partner with physicians to deliver the best outcomes for each individual patient.

Evolving Evidence-Based Treatments

We are always improving our treatment options in order to increase patient satisfaction with measurable and proven results.

Real Patient Stories

Joan's Story

Learn how Joan's laser procedure resulted in a painful stent placement before discovering ESWL with a NextMed physician.

Glenn's Story

First time kidney stone patient Glenn journeyed from an unexpected diagnosis to full and rapid recovery after an EWSL procedure with a NextMed physician.

Why Physicians Choose NextMed

Better patient care drives productivity, helping physicians provide better outcomes at higher success rates. Health care providers choose NextMed because we keep strong relationships with every single one of our partners, with an aim to discover emerging protocols and new technologies that could improve patient care.

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