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Our Data Driven Mission

Ground-Breaking Technology Empowering Physicians and Patients

We leverage detailed data to create complex predictive AI algorithms that guide decision making for physicians and NextMed technologists. By wrapping these algorithms into interactive and mobile software applications, we help physicians to practice personalized medicine by helping them select treatment options and deliver these treatments in ways that are optimized for that patient and stone profile.

We aim to use our technologies to bring patients into the decision making process by making them feel more knowledgeable and therefore less scared of the treatment process. We hold to the thesis that educating patients on the relationship between treatment decisions and outcomes is a great way to alleviate fear. By including the effects of these optimized decisions into our models, we are able to continuously improve and refine our algorithms to constantly identify ever improving ways of delivering care.


International Stone Registry

The ISR brings together detailed data from the largest stone disease treatment/outcomes registry in the nation. The experience of more than 200,000 patients and 1,000 treating urologists, the power of cloud computing, and advanced analytical tools to allow for more informed decisions about treatment options and their expected outcomes.


Stone Decision Engine

The revolutionary Stone Decision Engine, powered by Translation Analytics and Statistics, gives both patients and physicians a powerful tool to decide the best course of action for their kidney stone treatment options.


ESWL Training Simulator

We developed the Hamilton, Gerber Training simulator to provide training for physicians looking to improve their ESWL procedures for specific patients. Through scientific data users learn how to deliver the optimal shock protocol based on a particular patient’s needs. Our interactive reports help physicians  in a two step process that monitors their current treatments and outcomes and directs actionable change in their patient selection and treatment delivery to produce their desired outcomes.

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