Highest Proven Success Rates


Our extensive training and data driven protocols drastically separate us from our competition and our results speak for themselves.

Our Data Driven Mission

We at NextMed believe in the old adage of showing rather than telling, that is why we  base our standards in scientific evidence and routinely test  them. We regularly compare outcomes our outcomes by AUA standards and literature to ensure our outcomes are truly superior...Our protocols go beyond recommendations of governing bodies like the AUA and are advanced to be specific at the patient level.

NextMed vs Literature Benchmarks

We are proud to compare our treatment data head to head with the published outcomes accepted by the scientific and urology community.

Stones Successfully Treated
Since 2010 by NextMed Technologists and Physicians
4.5% vs 8.4%
Complication Rate
We are proud to boast complication rates significantly lower than the industry standard
ESWL Treatment Success Rate
In the last year with a Stone Free Rate of 66.3%

NextMed Success Rates – Stone Size

We compare our outcomes broken out by the same stone size categories and locations used by the American Urological Association.

94.1% Success
Treating Small Renal Stones
Versus 79.9% Literature Success Rate with Renal Stones ≤ 10mm
71.1% Success
Treating Large Renal Stones
Versus 64.7% Literature Success Rate with Renal Stones >10-20mm
85.8% Success
Treating Small Ureteral Stones
Versus 84.9% Literature Success Rate with Ureteral Stones ≤ 10mm

Leveraging Technological Innovation

We use data to guide decision making at a personalized level for each patient. This approach allows us to improve treatment outcomes of success and safety.
More About our AI Technologies➜

86.1% Success Rate
In the last few years our ESWL treatment success rate has increased with the introduction of our algorithmic based technology.
6% Improvement in Consistent Technologist Performance with Innovative Treatment Protocols
Our use of innovative technologies and ever evolving treatment protocols make our Technologists the best in the field.
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