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United by the goal of providing the best possible care, we are proud to partner with the greatest physicians and facilities in the US.
NexMed kidney stone treatment with physician, patient, and technologist around lithotripter.

Partnering with NextMed

When physicians decide to partner with NextMed, it is because they know we can help them provide the best care possible. Our partners embody our values of excellence, innovation, transparency, and care. While there is no doubt that a NextMed partnership is a valuable investment, we only partner with physicians who share our approach to healthcare.

We would love the opportunity to tell you more about the difference a NextMed partnership can make in your practice.

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For more than a decade, NextMed has been a true partner in the lithotripsy business...Best business decision I ever made!
Rob Emery
"My approximate $50k total investment 15+ years ago has netted a seven figure return and counting.  In a quote 'by far the best investment I’ve ever made.'"
Derek Miles

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