Best trained techs in the industry.


NextMed Technologists are experts in the latest lithotripsy and laser technology. Every NextMed technologist is trained to assist physicians with a "patient first" mentality.

The Best Techs Yield The Best Results

We are constantly improving our practices and technologies in order to provide the best care possible.

Competitive Training and Continual Education

We invest millions of dollars into our tech training program to make sure we are bringing you the best techs in the industry because we believe it drastically separates us from our competition.

Treatment Protocols Driven by 250,000+ Cases

We collect data from all of our cases and study the top percentile of our technologists in order to develop improved protocols and training for the entire NextMed Technologist team.

Equipped for Any Scenario

Our techs are able to repair/fix problems/errors with their machines during and after a case. This possibly can save the case so the patient doesn’t have to go under again. No competing companies in the industry can say the same.

“Due to the extent of training received, as well as the continued training that becomes a part of continued employment; I know as I work with doctors, that I am an integral part of the team that makes a difference in the positive outcome of the patient.”


Setting the Industry Standard

We are a family of over-achievers who know that teamwork, individual responsibility, and collaboration are necessary for success. That is why we invest in an incredibly rigorous training program that defies the industry standards. Our technologist teams foster peer to peer support and provide each tech access to colleagues with years of experience to learn from.

Highly Selective On-Boarding Program and Intense Initial Training
Continual Education at Annual Conferences
Frequent Training Check In's & Team Meetings
Our Outcomes

Data Driven Improvements & Outcomes

Our techs are not “yes men;” rather, they are given the knowledge and training to be able to add valuable insights into their procedures. When a NextMed technologist reaches the field, they are constantly monitored by TAS analytics and are graded against the 90th percentile. This valuable treatment data allows us to always improve our protocols and outcomes.

Technologists are Responsible for 38% of a Procedure
Ever Evolving Data Based Training
Our Data Driven Technologies
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